The time is now…


Hello dear, healing doesn't have to be hard, change can come easy.  

Sessions are offered to you either over the phone or in person at my office.  I am available all day Tuesdays for "in person" sessions at this time.  I am also available by phone for distance readings and healings Monday through Friday. 

Many clients have questions before they book and wanting to get to know me first is absolutely welcomed.  You can Email me or schedule a 20-30 minute connection call with me below.  This will give us time to get to know each other and answer any questions you might have about a session or package.   

Although my primary work is Psychic Readings and Energy Medicine, my session are infused with my vast skills and knowledge as a healer.  They may include a combination of several healing modalities in the alternative medicine fields.  I offer my clients a broad field of alternative medicine because I believe that everyone is different.  Every session will start with a reading and depending on your needs there may be an offering of a modality such as Holy Fire Reiki, Sound Healing, Pranayama or guided meditation to best help you and your particular needs and concerns. 

With wild love, 

Psychic Medium, Keia Lavine, HHP. 

~A Modern Day Medicine Woman~ 

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